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My passion and interest in dogs has lead me to many areas of the world. Working in many fields of training including hunting, retrievers, bird dogs, fox hunting, big game hounds, terrier work, sled dogs, tracking, search and rescue, scent detection, support and special needs dogs and protection work. I achieved my master trainer certification in the early 1990's, and from there I soon was employed as a K-9 deputy working, handling and training a single purpose K-9 and two dual purpose narcotics K-9's. I have also been deployed as a private contractor, working and handling a dual purpose bomb detection dog in Iraq. Through all of these experiences I had the privilege to work with some of the most respected and top trainers in their fields.  In working, training, and handling such a diverse group of dogs in such a wide range of areas,   I eventually developed the opinion that there were a few types of dogs that had the unique ability to DO IT ALL... if trained and handled properly. I feel that the KNPV type dogs is the answer. This dog is exclusively bred for work. Originally and currently,  these dogs are bred for law enforcement and military, but in breeding for this, a dog has developed with the  talents that make it capable of so much more. The dogs I raise and train are a combination of the old style Czech and DDR shepherds, malinois and dutch shepherds. So, if you are interested in this type of dog let me know. I would be thrilled to set you up with what might possibly be the greatest partner you have ever had!!

Breeding, Training, & Producing Working K-9s

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